For your reading pleasure…

The lovely personal personal trainer and I have been traveling for the last few days.  Two days traipsing around London, then a couple in Katrineholm, Sweden.

In Sweden, we got to enjoy the wonderful hospitality of Fredrik and Johanna, and yesterday there was a viewing of the corkscrew collection (pictures later).

Actually, it has been two days of viewing collection upon collection…

He collects lots of things!

In amongst the fantastic pieces, there was a Bottle King (TK patent) in the original box, with the original instructions…

While we all know how to operate a prong puller, since there are instructions, why not share them, since it is a “…radical change from conventional screw type corkpullers.”


We are off to Bodo, Sweden this morning, and then Lofoten tomorrow where the ICCA AGM will take place.

More soon!