This unusual tool with corkscrew is heading to the island.  And, it should be here either today, or tomorrow, depending on the ferry and the fed-ex delivery person that picks up said fed-ex packages from the Owl’s Head airport, and then gets them to the island.

Next day shipping here, generally means, two-day shipping.

That said, this corkscrew is a multitool that I have yet to figure out.  And, hopefully after it arrives, today or tomorrow, and I have it in my hands, the truth shall reveal itself.

In the meantime, what do you all think?

Minus the corkscrew, and what looks to be a bottle opener on the piece, what might the rest of the tool be?  And, could the chain be an aftermarket addition, or is it original to the tool?

Any thoughts on the purpose of this PAT APPD FOR tool?