Three arrivals…

Before we left for Europe, as mentioned at the time, I found a Henckels / Sunderland rack, and it was waiting for me upon our arrival back home.

Fortunately, the post mistress didn’t send it back to the seller, as we were gone for just over two weeks, and the post office is only supposed to hold packages for two weeks…

Oddly enough, our other mail that had been sitting there for two weeks, was not at risk of being sent back, but I digress.

That said, it is quite a nice looking corkscrew with a full helix, and it is indeed marked for JA Henckel, Solingen

IMG_1259 2

And, delivered yesterday was a lovely nickel-plated Frary with bell assist.  I do already own this version

, but not in nickel.  So, this is actually the 23rd Frary-ation in the collection.

IMG_1258 2

And, the PAT APPD FOR mystery corkscrew arrived as well.

Craig Gurney–a collector of corkscrews and jar openers, and apparently longtime reader of the bloggy blog–suggested that this is indeed a jar opener / jar wrench.  Thanks Craig!

IMG_1261 2

IMG_1263 2

The chain is looped around, and hooks on the bottle opener.  The serrated edge of the opener would help grab the lid of the jar…

IMG_1267 2

Of course, the corkscrew folds out, but the metal piece that is crimped on does not slide on the handle.

I will continue to dig and try to see if there was an actual patent awarded for this piece, but it is remarkably cool.

IMG_1257 2

A nice few pieces to start the second half of the corkscrew collecting fiscal year…