An effective cork extractor…

From a 1924 issue of Popular Mechanics

An effective cork extractor, which pulls the corks without breaking them, can easily be bensonmade from a large tin-opener key.  A small piece of metal , the same thickness as the key, is riveted loosely to the lower end of of the key so that it can be turned easily, and both are ground down to a point as shown.  In use the small piece is set in line with the key as shown on the right, and the key is pushed down through the cork.  By tapping the key lightly the small piece falls to a position at right angles to the key and it is then an easy matter to the pull the cork out.


–Harold. E. Benson, Boulder, Colo

Thanks Harold E. Benson of Boulder, Colorado!  A great idea, using a lateral projection to pull a cork, and one that was first patented in 1860 by Charles Alexander…

You ran read about this type of cork extractor here.



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