the Symes Building

In 1906 the Symes Building was built in Denver, Colorado; having been designed by the architectural firm of Hunt and Hunt of New York.

It was one of the first steel framed buildings in Denver and housed the downtown Woolworth’s store on its ground floor for years.


Judge George Gifford Symes was a Judge in Denver who had the structure built on 16th and Champa streets, after the original building burned in 1905.

The building used steel framing; the “other” Chicago style, as compared with Chicago style hotdogs, which do not use steel in their construction…


Why are you telling us this, you might ask yourself…

So, on a favorite online auction site, I just picked up a Williamson Roundlet that advertises the Symes Building in Denver.


Marked “COMPLIMENTS OF THE SYMES BUILDING BUFFET, SYMES BUILDG, DENVER,” I wonder what libations were available at the buffet?


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