a few days away

I have spent the last few days avoiding my corkscrew-blogger-to-the-world duties, as I have been otherwise occupied.

The big corkscrew news, is that the latest collectorcorkscrews.com auction began accepting listings on the 18th, with bidding starting on November 1st.

Who knows what will turn up this time around?

The other news, is that after some waiting, the Syroco Corkscrew book has arrived; in limited quantities.


This shipment was limited to 10 copies, and 8 have already been spoken for.

So, if you are looking for a copy of a fabulous coffee table style book consisting of 330 pages of the Syroco and Syroco Corkscrew story, it is available for $80.00 + shipping.

I have two copies left.

For those of you that have requested a copy, that live in outside the United States, Ion Chirescu has several copies that he also can ship, and shipping costs would be less than from the U.S.

Update:  Sold out for the time being!



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