Why would you paint it?

The other day, the Haff patent corkscrew with frame and spring assist arrived, as as the photos showed, it had been spray painted black.


That said, whomever the offending spray painter was, they took the time to tape/mask off the handle so the wood would not have any overspray.

So, last night I took a little paint remover, and gave the corkscrew a little touch-up; leaving it on only a brief time.

And, it turned out pretty darn well.


The previously black and unreadable brass band on the handle is clearly marked, HAFF MF’G CO., NEW YORK, PATD APL. 14 85 MAY 5TH 85.



I have been on the hunt for this version of the Haff for nearly two decades, and this definitely will make the best 6 for the year.

Still, the question remains, why the paint job???