For some reason, one of the American patent corkscrews that has been fairly illusive for me is the 1910 Chippendale patent.

While I have certainly had the opportunity to buy it at auction, it is one of those corkscrews, that at some point, I have expected to find somewhere in my travels.

As it happened this past weekend, one turned up.

Marked BESTEVER and PAT. APPLIED FOR, I was quite pleased to acquire it.

However, also as it happens, after picking it up, I was going to be traveling on an airplane over the holiday weekend, with no chance to stop off at a post office to send it off to Maine,

Ever hopeful that TSA agents would not deem this a weapon of mass destruction, I chose to leave it in my carry-on, and went through security.

I made it through, as did the Chippendale’s Patent No. 958,092 on May 17, 1910 for a Cigar-Cutter Forming Part of A Combination Tool

A nice addition to the American patent collection!


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