Just over a decade ago,  I received an email with an offer of “two iron corkscrews.”  The images were promising, but also a little off-putting as the worm on one looked…wrong.

After going through the various books I had at the time, and sending off a couple of emails, I decided to go look at the corkscrews in person.

We were living in Massachusetts at the time, with the two corkscrews were in some random antique shop in Connecticut a few hours away.

Prior to starting the drive, I exchanged emails with the seller, and he confirmed that they would be waiting for me, and several hours later I was in the shop.

A group shop, the actual seller wasn’t present, and at first glance, neither were the corkscrews.  After a phone call to the seller, we came to find out that the corkscrews had been placed in a brown bag inside an armoire/hutch.

I pulled the two corkscrews out, and one was more of the common variety, and the other was a lovely early two pillar corkscrew with what ended up being a very nice  worm–it was just poor photography and lighting that gave it that off-putting look, and it was also marked J. PLANT.

Ultimately the signed J. Plant found its way into Barry’s collection in a trade we made that year at Brimfield–I believe it made his best 6 that year, and one of the corkscrews that he traded to me in exchange made mine.

So, the other day, I was again sent a few images of some corkscrews that were available.  And, one was most intriguing, as it was yet another two-pillar, but it looked like it might also be marked.p1.jpg

With a little brightening, it did look like there is some lettering on the collar.

And, with a little photoshop and enlarging the image, it does sort of look like PLANT…




After another email exchange, clearer photos came through…




A deal was struck.

Actually, a deal was struck before the clearer images came through…

And, the PLANT (and a few other corkscrews) will soon be arriving on the island.

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