Hochstadter Bottle Roundlet Corkscrew

The other day, I managed to acquire online a Williamson Bottle Roundlet with advertising for Hochstadter.  The price was very fair, and it should be arriving in the coming days.

After securing the deal, I proceeded to do a little research, and ran into Don Bull’s website, where he listed the known examples (at the time) of advertisements on Williamson Bottle Roundlets, and as I perused down the list, and got to the H’s.





Okay, there it is.

But, in his description of the advertisement it reads:

Hochstadter’s Leipziger Burgunder Wein Bitters The Hochstadter’s Co. New York.

I went back to the photos of the roundlet that is currently in the mail.

The advertising on this one reads:

Drink Hochstadters’s Leipziger Burgunder, Wein Bitters, Hochstadter Co, Proprietors, New York.


Just a minor difference of course, except Don also notes that the worm is in the top of the roundlet, and this example folds out from the bottom.


Interesting that there would be two different advertisements on the two variations of the Williamson bottle roundlet.

I will provide better pictures when it arrives, but a neat addition to the collection.

If you have a Hochstadter’s Bottle Roundlet in your collection, which version of the advertisement does it have?


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