Back to corkscrewing around…

As with many of you, if not practically ALL of you, given Covid 19, our state has been asked to practice safe distancing and / or sheltering in place.

Not that there a are lot of people on Vinalhaven to need to distance yourself from.

I mean, the island is the same size as Manhattan–in a square mileage sense, with roughly a population of only 1200.

Still, I am working from home, and am on a Zoom call nearly 8 hours a day.  Not always the same meeting, but multiple meetings back-to-back, as we work to take 7 different colleges curriculum and put it online, and are now working to create workforce training in the same manner.

And, the lovely personal personal trainer, is running the wine shop, as the governor in Maine, recognized that wine, beer, and cheese are essential items…

Mostly these are curbside pick-ups and some deliveries, but there is the occasional person to come in–she is limiting  two customers at a time in the shop.  But, then again…with 1200 people on the island including kids, this time of year, no more than two is pretty manageable.

I will reiterate, with the circumstance within which we find ourselves, wine and beer is MORE than ESSENTIAL!

So, the Corkscrew Room is now my office.  And, while antiquing has come to a halt, other than online, I have come to realize that I need more corkscrews…

A Philos Blake patent would be a welcome addition, and it would fit nicely alongside the M.L. Byrn patent!

Feel free to send pictures of corkscrews you have to trade or sell!

And, Stay Safe Everyone!