Skull Corkscrew

Several weeks ago, a figural skull corkscrew appeared on eBay.

It started with a fairly substantial buy it now price, but over the following days the price was reduced, and reduced again.


With no interest, the listing was ended.

A week or so later, it was listed again, with a price reduction.

I was interested, but being rather frugal when it comes to corkscrews, I still refrained from pushing the “buy it now” button.

Knowing the seller, and he knowing I was interested, he sent me a note about the piece.  I responded with my “yes, I want it price.”  And, a deal was struck.


An interesting figural, with a worm that has some decided age to it.

I haven’t quite figured out what the material is.


A cool piece nonetheless, and a nice addition to the collection.

The piece is super smooth.   Celluloid?