Davids’ Improved Corkscrew…

From an 1884 issue of American Stationer:


A neat, novel and useful invention has recently been patented by John B. Davids, of John B. Davids & Co.  It consists of a combined inkstand and pen-rack, designed to meet the wants of the million, the price placing it within the reach of everybody.  The pen-rack is a decorated metal band having sectional arms, which, when extended, form supports for pens, pencils, &c.  The inkstand, upon which the band pen-rack is fitted, is of the class known as “bell” or “trumpet” mouth, is cylindrical in form and has a deflected base, which insures safety from over turning—the whole comprising as perfect an article in all its parts as could be desired.  The pen-racks are in assorted lithographed colors—red, green, yellow, lavender, &c—and will form a valuable addition to the stationer’s stock in trade, inasmuch as they can be arranged to make an attractive display, and at the same time prove an attraction to buyers.  The cuts represent the pen-rack stand with the arms closed, as it is packed for shipment, and with the arms or supports turned outward, ready for use.  These stand complete, each with the Davids’ improved corkscrew fitted in the cork, and containing the firm’s productions—to wit, black blue, violet, red, green, scarlet and carmine inks and chemical writing fluid, combined writing and copying fluid and blue-black copying ink—can be obtained from the manufactures John B. Davids & Co, 184 William street.


For the convenience of the trade these goods are packed in neat lock-corner wood boxes, each containing one dozen.


Anyone out there have the Davids’ Improved corkscrew?

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