Best or Favorite Find…

This morning, had life been normal, I would have woken up before daybreak, and headed out from some airbnb the lovely and I would have rented, and made my way to the antique mecca known as Brimfield–this would have been the second day of Brimfield’s May show.

On Wednesday morning at Brimfield, the first field opens at 6 a.m., and after buying your ticket for 5$, people line up waiting to get in.

And, and the appointed time, I would head off on the hunt;  peaking into darkened areas with a flashlight, and over the course of the morning, asking the question and getting a similar response countless times:

“Do you have any antique corkscrews.”

Only to be met with, “What?”


followed by the internationally recognized pantomime of pulling a cork

On occasion, the response is in the affirmative, and sometimes, just sometimes, something fabulous is unearthed, sometimes emerging from a case, just laying out on a table, and on one or two occasions, emerging from a dealer’s pocket knowing that I would make my annual May sojourn to the fields of Brimfield, and they were holding it back for me.

That said, with the show being cancelled this year, I thought I would share some of my Brimfield finds from over the years, and also share my favorite find.

The images below, are all from various trips to Brimfield, and all are corkscrews found in those fields…



I will have to admit, when I got the collection at Brimfield, it was a banner day…

There have indeed been some fabulous finds at Brimfield, and these are just the from a few years of attending.  Over the years, you would be amazed at what turns up, and this is with other corkscrew collectors roaming around Brimfield as well–and also making fabulous finds.

Still, despite some rare variations of the legs, and some cool patents, that have been picked up in May, July, or the September shows, there is one corkscrew that is my favorite Brimfield find.

And, that would be the A.W. Stephens patent.

It was on an early morning, on the first day of the show, and in a dark tent, I found a tray of Clough corkscrews, and noticed one that looked a little different.  And, feeling for the end–opposite where the corkscrew would go it, it was hollowed out.  I paid the asking price, and brought it into the early daylight to reveal the cigar perforator that was hidden inside.

It made my best six of that year, and was a very cool find whilst traipsing the fields.

While there have been lots of other finds, in various antique malls, stores, and similar, I would love to hear from each of you about your favorite find at you regular antique show.

If there is a regular antique show that you go to, or a regular large flea market that you attend, what has been your best or favorite find in the wild?