Pearl Wedding Select Whiskey

One of the coolest aspect of collecting, is that over the years, as you develop friendships with other collectors, your collecting friends will make trades with you knowing that they have something you want.  And, of course, you are well aware of corkscrews that will also fit within their collections.

And, as word has gotten out that I am on the 1903 Lowenstein patent hunt, TC offered up his Pearl Wedding Select Whiskey example as part of a trade.


In doing research into Lowenstein and those that used his patent as a vehicle for advertising, Pearl Wedding is key, as within their advertising at the time, they actually feature a corkscrew attached to their bottle.


On the two bottles on the right, the Lowenstein is shown…



Hmmmm… reduce the size of the image, rotate clockwise, erase the background…

Looks like it should fit…






A really cool addition to the collection.  Thanks for the deal TC!

If you have a similar corkscrew, with different advertising, I am interested!