“A good corkscrew is necessary in every household…”

From the publication: The book of household management : comprising information for the mistress, housekeeper, cook, kitchen-maid, butler, footman, coachman, valet, parlour-maid, housemaid, lady’s maid, general servant, laundry-maid, nurse and nurse-maid, monthly, wet, and sick-nurse, governess : also, sanitary, medical and legal memoranda : with a history of the origin, properties, and uses of all things connected with home life and comfort.


174. Corkscrew. –a good corkscrew is necessary in every household, and the Tangent Lever Corkscrew, illustrated in page 80, possesses manifest advantages over the ordinary corkscrew, especially for the woman’s use. The screw is twisted into the cork in the usual way ; the socket at the end of the lower arm of the instrument is then placed over the top of the neck of the bottle and the curved projection, which terminates the upper arm, through the hole in flat piece of metal to which the rom or screw is attached. By exerting pressure on the thin end of the arm, which acts as a lever, the cork is withdrawn from its position, and lifted out of the neck of the bottle.  The price of the Tangent Lever Corkscrew, complete is. 4d.  Extra screws may be had at 6d, each.  The Rack Lever Corkscrew, in bronze, at 4s. 6d. and 6s.6d., or in polished steel at 11s. 6d. : and the Thumb Lever Corkscrew at 5s. 6d. or 7s., nickel plated, are excellent corkscrews, by which the most obstinate corks may be drawn without trouble or exertion to the drawer.