Andress’ Glass Cutting Novelties

From the April 10, 1897 issue of Hardware:

Andress’ Glass Cutting Novelties

Thomas J. Andress, No. 821 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, Pa., is indentified with the manufacture of a line of glass cutting novelties, one of the best known being illustrated below.


This is a good selling line of useful specialites, and embraces in its variety combined glass cutters and putty knives, glass cutters, can openers and knife sharpeners, glass cutters, knife and scissors sharpeners, and the same combination having a gas burner plyer attached, and another having a corkscrew attached. These conveneient appliances are reasonable in price and deserve to meet with a ready sale. Catalogues will be mailed upon request to the manufacturer.


Of course, when the Andress “…having a corkscrew attached.” shows up, it looks nothing like the woodcut from the 1897 issue of Hardware, and is marked THE ANDRESS TOOL, PAT. AUGUST. 24. 75.