Empire v. Curley

Recently an advertisement for the Empire Forge Co., appeared, and shortly disappeared, from eBay.

Not that it really disappeared, but it was purchased.

No, not by me.

Said advertisement, features several of the items made by Empire Forge, but of interest, is that it is yet another advertisement for the Curley corkscrew that was produced by Empire Forge.


While the example shown in the advertisement carries the patent date, albeit the wrong one–as the patent is actually April 1884 NOT March 1884–that is the way the corkscrew was produced, with the wrong patent date.


Empire also made their own corkscrew, mimicking much of Curley’s design, but instead of the slot and screw that is present on the Curley, they created a removable worm corkscrew, and marked the handle EMPIRE.



When you compare the two together, Curley v. Empire the size and overall design are pretty close:


I am looking for a second example of the EMPIRE if you have one with which you would like to part.

Or course, I am open to any, and all, antique corkscrews, so feel free to send photos to josef@vintagecorkscrews.com


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