Little Korky

Over the last week, I have had my eyes on a corkscrew on eBay.

I know, big surprise..

And, I had placed a bid early, and said corkscrew lot ended yesterday.

Now, the corkscrew doesn’t have some fabulous function, nor is it made of some unusual materials, it is just cool, and fairly hard to come by…

There have been two of these that have sold on the auction; one for a fairly high price, and one for a few dollars more than the bid that ultimately won the auction on eBay. And, there was one that turned up at the Dearborn CCCC meeting in 2012.

As the auction was winding down to the last two minutes, the corkscrew had jumped in price, and I had pretty much decided to let it go…

And, then with about 30 seconds left, I changed my mind, and threw out a bid.

I was the high bidder!

With 8 seconds to go, my bid was taken out.

With 5 seconds left, I went higher.

I won!

Literally…within seconds of the auction ending, I received a message from TC, which simply said:




Apparently he was one of the other bidders, and we had a good exchange about the scarcity of the little corkscrew, and how we both wanted it.


In 2014, when Fred Kincaid had put his up for sale, he referred to it as “Little Korky,” as it certainly seems to be part of the McDowell patent Korkmaster family…

A fun addition to the collection.  The next one is yours TC!


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