moose, deer, turkey, fox, loons…

For the last week, the lovely and I were were up in Rangeley, Maine. It was a fantastic spot, with the fall colors just beginning to change.

On our first day, as we were driving in, we managed to spot a moose loping along side the rode.

That night, as we were sipping wine at our camp, we heard loons calling, and then again in the early hours of the following morning.

Each day, we set out on some sort of adventure, climbing Bald Mountain, hiking to Smalls Falls, visiting areas of Maine that we had never been, and just enjoying a week free of responsibility.

On the drive to get there, we did hit a couple of antique stores, but no corkscrews were to be found.

We drove back yesterday, and at the very beginning of our drive, a small fox walked across the road, turned to us, as if to say “have a safe drive,” and turned and walked back across the road.

A fantastic time away, and now it is back to corkscrewing around…

More news to follow.

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