Quick flips…

When at Brimfield, not that I am, but when I am at Brimfield, it is often the case that I will be walking through a field, and I will see something that I know a dealer in yet another field will want.

For example, there is a breweriana guy that sets up in one field, and one year I happened to find an early beer tap in another field for a low price. Purchasing and throwing it in my backpack, a couple of hours later I brought it over to him, and he paid a fair price.

Another year, I had just purchased a pretty stylish antique wooden kayak paddle on the island, and brought it with me to Brimfield, and simply walked across one of the fields with it on my shoulder. Another attendee, stopped me, and asked if they could buy it from me. Given that was my intention, a deal was struck.

There is the kitchen tool guy, the nautical guy, the bottle guy, the knife guy, the egg beater guy, the Carl Aubock guy…

And, there are other attendees who will stop me, or yell across a field, “hey corkscrew guy,” and they will show me what they have found.

For me, it is one of those things you do, when corkscrews are plentiful. And, it keeps the hunt interesting, when corkscrews aren’t plentiful.

So, yesterday, the lovely and I were on a brief antiquing adventure, and in a small shop I found an oversized slide rule; the kind that would have been used for teaching students how to use one appropriately, and it was cheap.

While I was considering whether to buy it or not, he lowered the price even more.

To which, the lovely said, “Sold.”

After lunch, and a bit more antiquing down (and back up) the midcoast of Maine, I was at another antique shop, and had found a Preston corkscrew (not marked, sorry Ian) and was getting ready to pay, when I asked the dealer, if they might be interested in an oversized slide rule.

He was intrigued, and had bought from me before.

I went out to the car to grab it, while they were working out the Preston transaction.

After returning and laying the slide rule on the counter, a deal was struck.

He got the slide rule at a price where he will make a nice profit, and I got a healthy profit for driving the slide rule a couple of miles down the road.

One response

  1. If you ever feel you want to start a side collection of slide rules 😉 See attached, smaller versions ( after I shot the photo I realized some were upside down) Ed

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