Haff & Walbridge

From an 1891 issue of The American Stationer:

It has always been considered a libel upon the clerical profession to intimate that a corkscrew is always forthcoming, when needed, if a clergyman happens to be present ; but when it is considered how frequently such an implement is called for in emergencies it would seem to be very proper that every individual should carry a corkscrew, whether he be a strict temperance advocate or a devotee of Bacchus.

A pocket corkscrew is not necessarily an article which tends to discredit him who carries it, and corkscrew generally are handy to have around when ink or mucilage bottles are to be opened.


Half & Wallbridge, 76 and 78 Leonard street, New York, have a large variety of corkscrews, so of which they put up assorted on cards, as shown in the accompanying illustration.  Two of the styles illustrated, known as the “Pinard” and “Delmonico,” are intended to be conveniently carried in the pocket.

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