Thrift-y Adventures

For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, the other day a “GUNDLACH & CO, SAN FRANCISCO” Frary corkscrew was listed on eBay.

I contacted the seller, as they explain in the listing that they got it at a thrift store, and I wanted to hear the story.

Apparently, it was in a lot of kitchen antiques, and the seller paid a pretty sweet price for the three items.

And, it looks like this corkscrew had some use–to say the least.

The hammer end, is broken clean off, and what normal is a spike that was supposed to be used as a wire cutter, look as if it was modified to be a screw-driver.

What is remarkable, however, is that the worm is perfect! And, Frary worms to have a tendency to bend fairly easily–and sometimes break.

I am not going to be bidding, but for anyone interested, you can link to the eBay listing here.

I do already have two examples of the Gundlach, and this one, is not without its charm, despite the missing pieces.

It would actually fit nicely amongst the others–even without the hammer.

Great find!

And, good hunting at the next thrift store!