a little bullish…

A week or so ago, a friend posted an interesting picture on Facebook, that featured three kitchen tools: what looked like a coffee grinder, an apple parer, and something that read “BULL DOG,” with some patent dates.

The piece looked somewhat familiar, but shortly after posting the initial photo, he added the patent information for a Walker bar screw.

As quickly as the post had been put up, however, it was taken down. Apparently, he didn’t want to encourage the competition, as the picture was from an non-eBay online auction–and he collects apple parers and peelers.

After exchanging messages about it, he told me all about the apple parer, and had received information that it had some damage, and that he had changed his mind about bidding, and suggested I go after the corkscrew.

Had he not changed his mind, we were going to go in on the lot together, and I would get the corkscrew, he would get the apple parer, and the coffee grinder would end up somewhere.

The auction took place yesterday, and with 3 hours to go, it had two bids that had brought the price to a shopping $10.00.

With an hour to go, I threw out a bid, and was in the lead. And, as the minutes counted down, and then the seconds counted down, there was another bid, and another, and another.

And, this auction functions much like the collectorcorkscrews.com auction, where if someone bids, additional time is awarded to the lot.

Another bid came in, and there was a minute left. As the lot came down to the last 5 seconds, I was again in the lead, but another bid came in.

Fortunately, I had placed a fairly high bid on the item just prior, and finally the other bidder(s) gave up.

5…seconds. 4 seconds… 3 seconds… 2 seconds… 1 second… closing.

I won.

Marked PATENTED FEB. 27, 1894 JULY 28, 1895,

This would be the Walker No. 91 BULL-DOG CORK PULLER, and while a catalog drawing is shown in Wayne Meadow’s book on bar corkscrews, an example had yet to have been found at the time of the publication (2001).

After confirming that I did actually win the “Walker Bull-Dog Cork Puller, I sent of an email to Sal, in response to a prior email regarding Will and Finck, and asked if Wayne had since acquired a Walker Bull-Dog since the publication of his book.

The response was, that he hadn’t “…but he’d like one!”

We agreed on a price, and it will soon be on its way to Vancouver.

It really does belong there after all.

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