the 12 dollar box, finding Nemo, and bidding begins

Yesterday, I took a fairly lengthy drive to pick up the Bull-Dog bar mount, and after procuring the bar screw, I headed back to Rockland, stopping at a few antique stores along the way.

At one stop, I was pursuing the various cases, and found a box of openers and corkscrews at $12 each.

Looking closely, I went to the front of the shop, and requested someone open the case for me.

As an aside, I have long felt they should just give me a key when I walk in the door…

After the person walked back to the appropriate case with me, I pulled out the box, rummaged around, and pulled out a Hoegger patent!


I didn’t even haggle.

And, at the same shop, I was also genuinely tempted by this Campbell’s Soups warmer device; apparently from a diner in Rangeley, Maine.

Not that I have a thing for Campbell’s soup, it was simply cool. That said, I eventually passed on it…

A little while later, at yet another shop, I found Nemo…


And, prior to that, I picked up one of those Woodward patent multitools.

There were a few other bits and bobs found along the way, and tales of those treasures later.

A good day antiquing around Maine (and New Hampshire too).

Speaking of corkscrews.

The latest auction is open for bidding!

Let the bidding commence!