In 2008, the lovely and I were in Paris for a fancy food show. She had been there for several days, and I flew in for a long weekend. And, the little apartment we had rented for the week, was adjacent to a lovely little restaurant that became our hangout for the ensuing days.

As it happened, a friend had recommended it, and on our first night as we ended up closing down the place having copious amounts of wine with the owner and his friends. It became our favorite restaurant in Paris.

And, when somehow we connected with Ian and Sue Hunter during that trip, we made reservations at L’Épouvantail for four, and had a fabulous time.

The last time we were in Paris, we found our way to L’Épouvantail, only to find it closed…

This afternoon, a corkscrew arrived in the mail, and it served as a reminder of those fond memories; of drinking wine until the wee hours of the morning with the owner, of him holding court with his friends and having them all nod in agreement to literally everything he said. Of evenings that followed, where wine would be shared, stories would be shared, and even though it would be a repeat performance, how we loved the conviviality.

L’Épouvantail = The Scarecrow…

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