That is some tight wire…

As many of you are aware, Don Bull is selling off a collection, and every Sunday…or so, a new batch of corkscrews, champagne taps, and wine antiques have been added to his website. You can see what is currently available by visiting his site here.

On this most recent Sunday (yesterday) a new group of corkscrews was made available, and at the appointed time, I hopped online and quickly went through the pages.

And, being quick is key here, as there are other collectors hopping on at the same time.

In short order, I copied the code on one that I wanted, and emailed it off.

]And, within a minute, saw another one I wanted, and emailed that off.

The early bird gets the worm, don’t ya know…

At some point later on, I got confirmation from Don, that I was first on those two corkscrews, apparently narrowly beating out TWJ.

I really like this little wire T. Now, that is some tight wire work!!!

The other corkscrew that is heading to the island from the collection is a Williamson Powercone marked Williamson across the wires–technically a duplicate of one that we have in the collection, but always good to have some good tradebait!

Thanks for the deal DB. I will be looking forward to news of the next offerings!

One response

  1. How funny…I “met” Don about two months ago, about the same time I retired from teaching. I grew up in Napa, worked at Christian Brothers Winery as a tour guide during college and after. Somehow…I was googling corkscrews and came across his website, and dangums…yes, he’s a VERY cool guy and patient teacher to this newbie. We’ve traded a few stories back and forth, but as I said, I’m a newbie when you talk about all of these different types of corkscrews. Don’s prices are VERY reasonable too. He’s very generous with his knowledge and time. Soooooo…looks like I will have a corkscrew collection like Brother Tim. It’s not a bad thing to be an addict about. Love your comment about corkscrewing around.

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