Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!

The coffee is brewing, and 2020 is behind us…

And, I am hopeful for what the new year will bring!

Of course, there will be corkscrews, and at some point…

some point…

we will be able to travel again.

Although, if the projections are correct, this thing is going to be with us through Fall of 2021–and most likely beyond.

I don’t know what this will mean about our corkscrewy friends being able to meet up in person, but I will remain optimistic that eventually we will be able to raise a glass together and enjoy some convivial corkscrewing around.

It is also that time of year, that collectors from around the world are circulating their best sixes. And, it is amazing (and motivating) to see what wonderful fantastical corkscrews found their way into their respective collections.

Of course, it is January 1, and I have yet to acquire a corkscrew this year that will make the best 6 for 2021.

Better get back to the never-ending search…

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