While it is indeed true, that on New Year’s Day, I did NOT buy a corkscrew, in the week leading up to New Year’s, there were a couple of purchases made, and with the wackiness that is the postal service these days, a package arrived today with a piece the has the potential of making the best six of the year.

And, why not start the New Year right by adding the 1927 Walter B. Ballou patent to the collection.

Not especially interestingly mechanically with this patent, but a lovely addition to the American corkscrew patent collection.

I will add here, that the bottom jigger-like piece only holds on to the little nib at the base of the cork closure section, which is probably why it is often missing–not that the Ballou often turns up.

So… we have one best six contender… Let’s see what else we can add to the collection.