High Shipping volumed are causing some delays…

As mentioned yesterday, and as most of you have surely experienced as of late, the U.S. Postal Service is having issues with the volume of packages being shipped as of recent.

Part of this is due to the holiday season, but largely this is a result of COVID-19, and packages the normally would take 2-3 days to ship within the US using priority mail, are taking weeks and longer.

The image above is a screen shot for USPS tracking for a corkscrew lot that I won on eBay in mid-December, and according to the tracking, as of this morning, the package is still in the possession of the post office in California…

That would be 19 days since the package was accepted…

I know that eventually the package will make it to Vinalhaven, but 2-3 day priority shipping is apparently 2-3 weeks at this point.

Patience, Josef, patience…

On another corkscrew note, I did pick up a couple of corkscrews yesterday… Who knows how long it will take these to arrive

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  1. Last March it only took 3 months for a package to get to me in England from LA and that really stretched my patience so good luck.

    I like that bottle shaped corkscrew. Does it have a name on it?


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