“For tools, all you needs is a ice pick, corkscrew, hammer, nail file, cocktail shaker, and some court plaster…”

From a 1927 issue of Motorboating


Build the Beautiful Little Adiabiatic Mama*

An Outboard Express Cruiser

Huck’s creation, Adiabiatic Mama driving along at 35 knots with her five outboards

*thermodynamical; expression meaning very warm

Well, Chap, take one look at the Adiabatic Mama and even you admits I am good.  I doesn’t believe in bragging about what nothing what I does, but this design, putting it modest-like, it is a knockout.  If it doesn’t drive all the present stock boats into the scrap heap and send all the naval architects back to school, I am wrong as usual.  I has dreamed over the idee of a small boat of great size of what would make high speed with no power, for a long time, but it wasn’t until I samples some genuine Southern shine, aged in the wood and presented to me by a relative what I hasn’t never met, that this theory, it comes to full frewishun, if you follows me Chap.   You probably doesn’t because you seldom follows anything, idees or ankles, but be you as it is, I submits Adiabatic Mama to the yachting world as my judges and comments the building of her to every young gentleman what has a desire for luxurious yachting on a small percentage.

While this boat, it is too large to build in the kitchen, its dimensions is such, that you can easily do the job in a two-car garage.  On the other hand, if you lives on Park Avenue you can build it on the roof, only in this case you has to arrange to have it lowered to the street after it is done, unless it blows off first, but as this method is expensive and some of these here cooperative owners objects to such things as boats being dangled in front of the their apartments, the garage, it is the better plan.  Of course, in order to make the space, you has to dispose of your cars, but this, it is easily accomplished, because as soon as you propose anything to do with the Adiatbatic Mama, your wife will beat it anyways, undoubtedly, taking the best car with her, and then you has to hock the other one to help pay the alimony.   For tools, all you needs is a ice pick corkscrew, hammer, nail file, cocktail shaker, and some court plaster…

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