unusual roundlet

The other day, there was an unusual roundlet-like corkscrew on eBay with a buy it now or best offer.

After looking at it closely, I threw out an offer, and received a prompt counter offer.

After the fact, I learned that RL had also sent an offer, only to be countered as well.

Interestingly enough, RL’s counter offer was higher than my counter offer, even through our initial offers were identical.

Thanks for balking at the counter RL!

Now, it will take some time for the piece to arrive, as the seller is in Ukraine, but the price was decent enough to take a chance on the piece, and on shipping.

Notice the little slot at the end of the case.

It looks that the inner shell rotates into the outer shell to close the case.

When it arrives, I will post better images, but definitely an interesting roundlet corkscrew.