As you like to have all the new wrinkles…

From the September 24, 1869 issue of English Mechanic and Mirror of Science


SIR, –As you like to have all the new wrinkles, I send you a clipping which contains a new description of corkscrew, which has recently been patented by Messrs. Jafroy Brothers of Paris, which is less complicated, has fewer parts, and is more effective and cheaper than those already before the public.  I t is represented in the accompanying cuts a, and a brief description will render it perfectly intelligible.  

Owing to the disposition of the levers the cork can be extracted very gently and with great facility.  There are five parts in this crew, but they are not detached, as is frequently the case, and consequently there is no chance of the screw being rendered useless by the loss or mislaying of any one piece.  Referring to the cuts, b is the handle, which may be made of wood, horn, ivory, or any other suitable material.  The screw is screwed into the socket d, which allows for its being replaced when broken or worn out without necessitating the loss of the rest of the apparatus.  The spring c is mounted in a manner which permits of its ready replacement by any locksmith, and the cap is lined with an internal leather collar.  The screw itself presents no feature of particular novelty, being identical with those of common use.  

T. W. B.

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