Dudly II

As I have mentioned in the past, and if I haven’t, I should have…one of the best pieces of advice that I ever received in corkscrew collecting was from the late Lehr Roe.

We were at a Just for Openers meeting, and I had just made a trade with Tipped Worm Johnny, and had then visited Lehr’s room where we were discussing corkscrews. I showed him new acquisition, and explained that it was a double.

Lehr responded to my comment, with “are you sure?”

He went on to explain that on this particular cork extractor, that there can be variations. Variations in the markings. Variations in the materials used…

A few days later, I had returned home, and compared my JFO acquisition with the “duplicate” piece in my collection.

It was indeed a duplicate, but Lehr’s advice was indeed valuable, as whenever I run across a corkscrew that I would assume is a duplicate, I hear Lehr’s voice and ask myself “are you sure?,” and then make a comparison. And, there have been many many many times, where I thought a new acquisition is a duplicate, only to find that it is a variation of a patent.

Which…brings me to my point.

And, I actually have one.

Clearly the Dudly mentioned the other day is missing the prong that is used to make it a functional cork extractor, but this morning I once again took Lehr’s sage advice, and compared the two pieces.

They are different…

Yes, the missing prong thing would make them different, but there are differences in their construction. Minor, but different.

The most obvious (other than the missing prong thing) is that the opening through which the front prong is released have two different shapes; one is arched and the other is squared.

Not that these variations mean that we each need to find two versions of the Dudly, but interesting that two versions exist. Which leads me to a question for all of you that have a Dudly in your collections. Which version do you have? Squared or Arched…?

Send photos to Josef@vintagecorkscrews.com .

One response

  1. Mine are both squared. I’ve seen 5 turn up in the same arcade in Melbourne. It makes sense that they would all be the same, coming from the same box shipped to Melbourne. I’ve had all 5 together them in 2s and 3s at various times and had to compare them closely to decide which to buy and which to sell. I’m sure I’d have spotted any difference. A pity they have all been quite worn.
    I can’t figure out why mine look different to yours. I’m looking at the 2 pictures where you have them pictured individually not as a pair.One with square and one with arch. I’m looking at the moving pieces inside the arch and the square. I can’t duplicate those photos.

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