Uncorking (Mechanical Cork Screw)

From the 1865 edition of Chemical Technology; or, Chemistry Applied to the Arts or to Manufactures Vol. I Part IV.

Uncorking (Mechanical Cork Screw).

We shall finish this sketch of artificial mineral waters with the description of an ingenious cork-screw invented by M. Batard for extracting corks from ordinary bottles without shaking the liquid.  It may be very serviceable when it is necessary to analyze waters containing a sediment which must be collected.  This corkscrew, Fig. 119, consists of : 1st, two points of steel D D’, which penetrate the cork after the lower spiral is fixed in it ‘ 2nd, a plate A A’, furnished with two pillars, B B’, penetrating into two penings in the upper plae, and pressing against two pegs X X’, which act as a lever.

The plate A A’, is surmounted by a spring, which, in proportion as the cork-screw enters the cork, becomes flattened and allows A A’ to press against the plate above it.

When the pillars A A’ press on C C’, it is easy to turn the cork in the neck of the bottle and extract it without the least shaking.

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