The Japanese patent arrived yesterday, and it is a fascinating creation.

That said, the seller of the corkscrew happened to include a patent drawing, and instead of the 1910 patent which I assumed this would be based on the shape and the handle, they included a patent drawing from 1907.

Similar frame in the patent drawing, and no visual showing the sill-cock like handle. Still, there is a telling difference, and that is there is a little fold out lever on the shank of the 1907, which is different than the lever on the 1910.

Okay Josef, you are confusing me here. How would they look similar sans that one little difference.

The corkscrew that arrived yesterday has all kinds of Japanese markings on it, but it also has English letters that say, “SHIBATA.” And, in going back to the seller, they explained the the patent was granted to Rokujiro Shibata…

Also, on the piece it is marked: 柴田, which are the Japanese characters for… Shibata. With a little messing around with google translate, and then photoshop. Rokujiro Shibata would read as follows:

And, in going back to the 1907 and 1910 patent descriptions, both carry the same signatures. Two very similar patents, awarded to the same person.

1907 or 1910, we at least know it is a Shibata patent!

And, I am saying it is indeed the 1907. Now, to find a complete example of the 1910 patent…