The Hampton

On Saturday and Sunday, the most recent round of the auction came to a close, and there was a series of bidding wars that took place on some pretty fantastic corkscrews.

And, yes, there were the usual suspects; collectors that are pretty consistent when it comes to the auction. Of course, there were some newcomers too, new bidders jumping into the fray, and coming away with some twisted treasures for their collections.

I did bid on a few, and was taken out fairly quickly.

Still, I did manage to win one, and it will be an interesting mystery to solve.

This particular corkscrew is a roundlet, but the piece is marked “THE HAMPTON.”

It will be interesting to try and figure out the history of it.

Where “THE HAMPTON” comes from, and who made it, should make for a good story, should I be able to figure it out. And, should I be able to solve the mystery, I will share any information I uncover.

Of course, there were some fantastic corkscrews in the auction that netted out a flurry of bids, with a rare Robert Jones corkscrew being the highest price achieved, but still not making the seller’s reserve.

And, a pair of folding two-fisted drinking arms in celluloid was the highest price piece that sold and will end up with new owner.

A fun couple of days of bidding, with plenty of corkscrew-pavlovian-juices flowing at the rare and fantastic offerings.

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