a little Browne Line

Several years ago, I picked up a small can opener with fold out corkscrew marked ‘THE BROWNE LINE FROM KINGSTON.”

It was placed into the collection, and there is sat for some time…

Well, a relatively short time as Tommy came visiting.

One of his many sojourns to Maine (this visit was 8 years ago) we were in the midst of making a trade and the little Browne can opener with corkscrew ended up in his pile.

Now the thing is, since Tommy made away with the little Browne, I have yet to see another–with the exception of the one pictured in O’Leary on page 125.

Until a couple of days ago.

As it happened, it was located in Maine, and it was available for a song–not that I sang.

It is the 1908 Clark W. Reynolds patent–which was assigned to The Browne and Dowd Mfg. Co–albeit a small version and is marked “THE BROWNE LINE FROM KINGSTON”

And, It was delivered to the island yesterday, and this one will be staying in the collection.

Or, perhaps this will be the lure that brings TC back to the island…

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