Wilkinson arrives…

A small box of corkscrews arrived today, and within it, there was the Wilkinson patent of 1891.

Now, the Wilkinson doesn’t carry the patent date, but it is clear that it matches Wilkinson’s description, and that the arms of the corkscrew are grooved to allow for the turns of the worm to fit nicely between them.

Of course, as mentioned the other day, Wilkinson’s patent was assigned to Gorham, and besides the mark of STERLING in the arms of the corkscrew, if you look closely–and when I say closely, I am suggesting using a magnifying app on your iPhone–present are the silversmith makers marks; Gorham G, an Anchor, and a Lion.

Also, on the other arm, there is a different mark, which looks to be a year mark that Gorham used to denote the year produced.

Now, to me this looks like a bell, and if you look at the Gorham mark charts, that would denote 1900.

Of course, if you flip the corkscrew around, the mark could denote a different year, but either way…it’s Gorham AND a Wilkinson.

And, it also carries a monogram.

Which looks to read R. E. P.

But, who is R.E.P.?

Reginald Ernesto Pulsifer?

Richard Edward Pepperidge?

Rolando Edgar Peterson?

Roberta Edwina Peters?

Rachel Elizabeth Palmer?

Who do you think R.E.P. is?

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