Combined Nippers and Cork Extractor

I will admit, that I look at the patent drawings that are present in the back of O’Leary’s book on American patented corkscrews a lot.

And, I mean…



I haven’t memorized them all, but every once in a while, some corkscrew, cork extractor, or tool intended to pull a cork will appear online, or in the ongoing hunt in the wild, which will trigger a mental response that sounds something like…

Okay, it’s inside my head, so I don’t know what it actually sounds like…

But, it goes something like:

“You have seen this before somewhere… You probably should buy this!”

And, the number of exclamation points after “You should probably buy this!” may increase based on the piece itself.

As it happened yesterday, I was doing a little search on eBay when a pair of champagne nippers turned up. And, while it carried advertising for Champagne, it also had a patent date. I looked closely at the piece, and took my internal advice…

“You have seen this before somewhere… you should probably buy this!”

And, so I did.

After securing the purchase, I headed over to my copy of O’Leary and thumbed through the patent drawings. There it was.

The 1880 Combined Nippers and Cork Extractor…

In short order, I pulled up the patent on google patents…

Now… I don’t think this is an earth shattering find, mind you.

I would think that the French advertisement would throw someone off, and it isn’t a corkscrew, although it is designed to remove a cork from Champagne or Mineral Water.

And, it carries the American patent date of DEC. 14, 1880.

A nice addition to the collection from the back of O’Leary, and a combined nippers and cork extractor which, according to the patent description, “…serves thus to facilitate and expedite the drawing of champagne and other corks, and obviates thereby the twisting off the heads of corks, the smudging of the fingers, and other annoyances.”

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