Checking out Brimfield “North”

Several months ago, with COVID-19 restrictions being what they were, and still are in many placed, the organizers of the Brimfield antique show, working with the MA CDC, came to the conclusion that the May show wasn’t going to happen.

And, while one field did indeed open in May, it wasn’t the 3000-5000 dealers that you would normally see there.

Not that I went.

Around that time, however, there was a plan to take Brimfield on the road, and head to Deerfield NH, where the show could occupy the fairgrounds, and provide for a great level of distancing.

The show opened on Saturday, and the lovely and I headed town to Portsmouth on Friday, and would make the drive to Deerfield on Saturday morning–I had pre-bought tickets as soon as it was announced.

Of course, you can’t have a Brimfield show in May without Rain. And, while it was technically Brimfield-North, the rain followed everyone to the new locations, and it drizzled, and poured, and stopped, and drizzled, and stopped, and yet… It was fun to be outside antiquing again!

The show was small in comparison, about 300 plus or minus dealers. And, those of us that paid the extra to get in early, pretty much had the place to ourselves–according to the powers that be, there were at least 3000 buyers that pre-bought tickets at the later arrival time.

I wandered the fields, noting the lack of corkscrews, but did manage to find one; a stag handle direct pull of the ripe price of 5 dollars, and then went about hearing the same (or similar) story from several dealers.

“Corkscrews, oh, I left those at my shop. I thought this was going to be a country show…”

I have no idea what that meant.

“Corkscrews. oh… I just picked one of those up, but I didn’t bring it…”

Only to pull out his phone, and show me a picture of a green and white ladies legs.

In a booth filled with old kitchen utensils, I asked about corkscrews.

“Oh, we have a bunch at our shop.” She promptly have me her business card.

So… no true finds that day, but a good day to be out wandering the non-Brimfield-fields–even in the rain.

E.M. was walking the fields as well, and he collects those pourers with marbles, so I sent him a photo and coordinates of where these were located.

Interestingly, he thought that I was joking about finding three of the very thing that he collects, but after he followed my directions, he found the dealer, and came away with one.

Maybe, this makes sense about the “country show.”

That all said, given that I had to make it down to Portsmouth on Friday, I hit a few antique shops on the drive down

No super corkscrew finds, but I did run across an Ivory knife that looked to be Will and Finck.

I passed on it, as the tip of the blade was short. Still, a neat find and a very fair price.

After telling the lovely bride about it, she suggested that after the show we had back up the coast and pick it up.

We did, and it isn’t Will & Finck, it is instead marked “M. Price.”

And, it will make a nice addition to the S.F. Cutlers corkscrews (and other tools) collection.

Not a bad couple of days antiquing, and today we had back to the island.

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