The Monarch Manufacturing Company

From an 1897 issue of Home Furnishing Review

THE MONARCH MANUFACTURING COMPANY, of Meriden Conn., are the sole makers of the much celebrated “Monarch” can opener, which has no superior, if it has an equal anywhere. The “Monarch” is heavily nickel-plated, with blades of tempered steel, and put up in an attractive manner for counter display, as illustrated on an advertising page of this issue.

The Eagle can opener illustrated here is an excellent and most convenient article. It is nickel-plated also with the tempered steel blade, and has a pivoted corkscrew attachment. The other illustration shows the Monarch tack-puller, nickel-plated, with claws of tempered steel. It pulls the tack straight, and is unrivaled for leverage power and general effectiveness. For prices, etc.. write to the manufacturers or to their branches at 97 Chambers street, New York, or 118 Lake street, Chicago.