Anchors Away

7 years ago, and a few days, I was in St. Louis going through the process of becoming a certified personal property appraiser, and I reached out to Tommy, who made the drive from Chicago, and we spent a few days antiquing around St. Louis.

Of course, one of those days included a visit to Art Santen, and you can read about that visit here.

During our visit, amongst a few other corkscrews, I acquired an interesting wallmount corkscrew made by Anchor Products… you can read about that one here…

That said, at some point, the Anchor Products Pat. Pend wallmount bottle opener went elsewhere. I honestly don’t remember to whom it was traded, or what I got in exchange…

And, since the two were acquired (Tommy got one too from Art), I have yet to see, or hear, of another one.

Clearly, Anchor Products didn’t only make two, but it is surprising that others haven’t shown up.

Last week, one did.

For a week, on eBay, a lot of three items entitled “Vintage Ice Pick, Sharpening Stone and Multi Can & Bottle Opener” was sitting unnoticed with no bids.

Except, I had noticed, and put it on my watch list.

Yesterday, with a few hours to go, I placed a bid.

And, I hoped, and patiently waited.

Interestingly, while the images showed the corkscrew, a corkscrew was not mentioned in the listing. And, I really don’t even know how I came upon it.

But, I did, and I bid…

And, I won.

And, now an Anchor Products Pat. Pending wallmount corkscrew will again be in the collection.

Better pictures when it arrives, and a welcome (re)addition to the collection.

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