Gorham Weinke…

Not too long ago, a Sterling version of the 1883 Weinke patent appeared on eBay, and over the course of those seven days, I kept my eye on it.

I threw out a bid, and was taken out by another collector, with the Weinke ultimately heading to Little Rock.

I do have a Weinke patent in the collection with the American patent dates, but that is the all steel version.

Last week, I was offered a Sterling example, and the price was right; a deal was struck, and it arrived at my post office box yesterday.

Marked AUG. 21, 1883 PAT’D, and with the rampant lion, Gorham anchor, and G as well as 55, it is a nice addition to the collection, and is a nice pairing to the other version, marked “R. DOLBERG, PAT’D AUG. 21st, 1883”

There is a third version of the Weinke, the carries the 1883 patent number of “283,731” but serves as an advertisement for A WELLMAN NEW ORLEANS .

If anyone has an extra Wellman Weinke with which they would like to part, I would be interested.

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