A New Corkscrew

From an 1886 issue of The Iron Age

A New Corkscrew

The accompanying illustration represents a corkscrew which is put on market by W. B. Woodman & Co., Newark, N. J.   The corkscrew is in the usual way turned into the cork until the swivel passes over the cork and rests atop the bottle.  Then the ring at the upper end of the corkscrew is to be lifted off the hook on the handle, when the handle, again turned as before, no longer drives the screw into the cork, but lifts the screw, and with it the cork, and thus withdraws the cork from the bottle.  

A New Corkscrew

The central wire, it will thus be seen, after it is inserted in the cork, remains without turning, and the cork, it is claimed is drawn without difficulty.  The manufacturers allude to the facility with which the operation is performed, and the resulting advantage.

When found, the Woodman’s is marked across the handle WOODMAN’S PATENT and with the patent date of PAT’D JAN.Y 6.1886.

It should be noted, that Woodman’s patent was awarded on June, 29 1886 (patent number 344,556).

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