Brimfield Day One

What? You’re in Brimfield?


After a year plus, Brimfield is back.

Well, technically it was back in July, but this is the first show I have been to since two years ago or so… with the shows being cancelled due to COVID-19.

And, while day one was a fabulous day of walking around the fields, and reconnecting with old friends. The show wasn’t what it used to be, with a sincere lack of dealers in many of the fields. This is not to say there weren’t plenty of dealers there, and there were a few bits to be found here and there, but some of the fields that might have been populated with 400 dealers in years previous might have had perhaps 50.

The buyers were ready to buy, but alas…

I have no doubt this is a result of the pandemic, and word on the street that Hertan’s, which opens tomorrow, has no space left and is filled with dealers. This could be a result of new ownership, and her ability to promote promote promote.

Still, a great day, and as it happened, RL planned to come to the show as well. So, staying at the same hotel, we drove in together, and as it was his first ever Brimfield show, I filled him in on where to start, and what times the additional fields opened.

And, over the course of the day we would meet up, walk together, sometimes hunt together, and sometimes retrace one or another’s steps, after discussing this piece or that piece that we saw along our hunt.

Of course, Brimfield is filled with non-corkscrew treasures!

And, what about corkscrews Josef?

We each managed to find a few, but nothing outstanding.

My best find wasn’t a corkscrew, but instead a Minerva Tastevin in Silver.

It was sitting in a dealer’s case, when I spotted it, When I inquired as to the price, he said, “5 dollars.”

Having not seen any markings, I assumed it was silver-plate. Still, at 5 dollars, why not.

After showing I to RL, when we met up at the next field, he was convinced it was Silver. And, after meeting up with a Silver dealer 15 minutes later, it was confirmed.

There was a Zig-Zag in its box, Williamson Bottle with ad plate, a Williamson champagne tap also in its box, and a nice little Sterling Nifty marked E R A; a couple of T-pulls also found their way into my bag, a couple of wall-mount openers destined for the JFO in two weeks, and a Peugeot Freres figural pepper mill.

That said, it was only the first day, and we head back this morning for day two. We will only do the first two fields, as RL has to head out, and I have to hit the road to make it back home tonight, but you never know what will turn up.

Of course, we had to end day one with the tradition of going to The Student Prince and dine amongst their corkscrew collection.

I did ask the server if I could take just one…

She humored us…but the answer was no…

I will report back on day two… Stay tuned!!!