Yes, there was a Brimfield Day Two

If you were wondering… Yes, there was indeed a Brimfield Day Two…albeit, a quick one.

As it happened, after having a lovely dinner at The Student Prince, RL and I agreed to meet in the lobby at 5:20 AM, in anticipation of our drive to Brimfield.

And, we arrived just as the 6:00 field opened.

We each paid our 5 dollars to gain admission, and the hunt began.

With RL heading one direction, and I heading another, after about 30 minutes we crossed paths, and compared what had been found.

Then, we would retrace the other person’s steps just in case something else had been put out.

Nothing terrific in that particular field, but I did pick up an opener that would be fodder for the Just For Openers convention, which is held later this month, a somewhat not interesting Clough, and a much more interesting Sterling perfume corkscrew.

After scouring the fields, RL and I met up for a few moments, and discussed his need to get the railroad station to begin his trip back south.

With the fields being somewhat small this particular Brimfield, we decided on taking off, and seeing if he couldn’t get an earlier train.

We decided to leave Brimfield and head to the station, and if I had time I would circle back to the fields.

With the drive back to the train station being all of 30+ minutes, I dropped RL at the station, and circled back…

Heart of the Mart, and been open for all of 5 minutes when I parked the car, and got to the field… And, there were indeed a couple of corkscrews, nothing worth buying, but there were corkscrews.

Still, it was worth the trip back, as I got to see some old friends, and talk corkscrews…

And, of course, there were other treasures to be had…

The most tempting was the boxing ring bell.

Then it was time to hit the road, and make it back in time for the last ferry to Vinalhaven. I have no doubt that there were corkscrews to be had in the following days, and we will try again next year.

See you in Brimfield in May!