We arrived at the JFO a couple of days ago, and there have been sales, trades, deals, and dinners thus far…

Tommy arrived in his low-rider (more on this later) a day before us, and had already made some deals with Tipped-Worm-Johnny, and we arrived the following day, and in short order were throwing corkscrews on the tables in the common buy and sell room.

After exchanging pleasantries with attendees, the dealing began, with the first trade being between TWJ and I where I ended up with a 1947 Richard Itaru Nakamura patented “Frame with Slidable Tool Bit.”

At first, I thought I had this example, but after further examination, it looks as though the example that already exists in the collection is a variation of the patent, with this example looking just like the patent drawing. A fabulous piece, it could make the best 6 of the year.

After that first trade a few more were proposed, and in the excitement of the moment, deals were overzealously agreed upon without noticing damage here, or a different variation there. And, in short order, deals were undone, with new deals proposed.

So, there are corkscrews that sit with TWJ in the Josef pile and corkscrews that with me in the TWJ pile, with a deal that will undoubtedly be completed before the weekend is done.

On day two, there was a fun arrival at the JFO, after a lengthy absence, in walked Milt Becker! And, he brought a couple of corkscrews with him; two of which were handed off to me. One was an interesting roundlet, the other a different version of the Lowenstein patent, that I had asked him about a while back.

It was fun to have four ICCA Addicts in the same room, after the last year-plus of not being able to travel or gather.

The meeting is still going, and I have no doubt a few deals will still be made.

Beyond JFO-ing around, tomorrow is also the ICCA Punch / Right’s Reception / Show & Tell, and Sunday will be the ICCA AGM! Both being held via ZOOM.

News about these events to follow!

Until then, here is the Nakamura and Lowenstein:

The Lowenstein carries advertising for:

FRANCIS H. LEGGETT & CO., NEW YORK on one side, and FINE FLAVORING EXTRACTS on the reverse… A nice addition to the growing Lowenstein corkscrew collection.

Also, Happy Birthday Bob Gilbride!!!

Back to the low-rider Tommy thing…

Tommy on another collector’s behalf, visited an auction house to pick up the merchandise that they had recently purchased at auction. And, after loading it is in his car, he is riding pretty darn low. It ended up being a ton of stuff, and we will see if we can’t lighten his load (and raise his car’s profile) by making a few corkscrew deals with him.