In an 1880 John Pritzlaff Hardware Company catalog, there is an illustration of a corkscrew that looks familiar…

…with the description,

“ACME, ” “, Nickel Plated Ferrule and Cap, Convex Twist, Hardwood, ” ” 8 00

For those wondering the quotation marks are from the corkscrew pictured above it, reading Cast, Iron, Handle, and Per Doz.

So, it would read…

Acme — Cast Iron, Nickel Plated Ferrule and Cap, Convex Twist, Hardwood Handle, Per Doz. 8 00

That said, in the illustration itself, the corkscrew shows that it is marked ACME across the bell and has the patent date of June 12, 1883.

Of course, with that patent date, we know that this is the Thomas Strait patent (279,203) of 1883…

But, do any of you have a Strait patent marked ACME? Drop me a line if you do!