Logging Caliper and the tattoo reveal…

The lovely bride and I took a few days off this past week, and headed to southern Maine, and enjoyed some much needed rest, relaxation, and a bit of antiquing.

We rented a house near York Beach, and ventured out to enjoy the locale fare during the day, with us cooking dinners in. And, there were some fabulous meals (both in and out).

Of course, there was a fair amount of wine too, but owning a wine shop certainly has its advantages!

And, we did go out antiquing. There were a couple corkscrews to be had, the best was a Narragansett nifty-type, but alas, when it was retrieved from the confines of the glass case within which it was housed, both knife blades were missing.

At one shop, I did find this remarkable logging caliper.

It is a fascinating sculptural thing, and it will soon be hanging on the wall in Rockland.

I know, its not a corkscrew, and I have no plans to start collecting logging calipers…

In use, one would measure the diameter of the log with the caliper part, and the star-like piece would measure the length.

And, while I did share this on Facebook, I also realized that it also shows the corkscrew tattoo…

Yes, many of you were right. It ended up being the Woodman’s patent drawing!